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We bring over 30 years of experience to Rainbow Ranch. Previously buying, selling and training young horses in Holland in dressage and jumping. We follow strict international rules and standards when educating our horses and riders, to ensure proper training at all times.


At Rainbow Ranch, we have created a family environment that strives to encourage and nurture both horse and rider on their journey together. We love nothing more than seeing our guests fall in love with the horses and watching them grow. This is what keeps us motivated and focused each and every day.



SAFETY and sound fundamentals is Number 1 whenever we work with horses.

HORSEBACK riding should be available to anyone, not just the affluent.

HORSEBACK riding teaches fundamental leadership skills that cannot be taught elsewhere.

EACH student will progree at their own pace and should be allowed to do so wuthout unnecessary pressure to achieve the next level.

KIDS need to learn how to work, not just ride.

TEAM & community are more important than individual success.

ANYONE can learn to ride with the right attitude and consistent perseverance.

OUR horses are family and they are treated as such. Each horse gets;

- Top quality feed, fresh water and a safe place to call home

- Individual attention & training

- Equal veterinarian and farrier care

- A minimum of 3 months off

A good horse cannot simply be bought. It must be cared for and treated with respect.

THERE is no such thing as a bad horse, just horses who been treated badly in the past.

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